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  1. Israel
    December 30, 2013

    Essential oils can definitely be great tools for clearing up sinus issues- I actually just completely relieved my congestion and am quickly regaining my sense of smell within an hour or two of EO treatment. One thing to note about oregano oil- I would NOT make this one a first-line remedy! Oregano is possibly the single most potent antimicrobial EO available- I’ve seen published studies concluding that high-carvacrol examples are capable of sterilizing raw sewage at absurdly low concentrations (less than 1%!)- so its probably bestto think of this one a something of a “tactical nuke”: an option best left as a last resort when all else fails. If used for respiratory issues, there is little reason to take oregano by mouth. Since the target tissue is in the upper respiratory tract, inhalation via diffuser or steamtent would be a better choice. Be aware, also, that oregan oil DOES have side effects when taken internally! One of the greatest advantages of essenital oils as antimicrobial agents is that they are NON-SELECTIVE and tend to work across the board. Unfortunately, this means that they also indiscriminately kill off beneficial GI flora along with pathogenic microbes. =( Whenever taking oregano oil internally, you should make sure to also take a good probiotic during and immediately following treatment in order to avoid serious disruption of GI flora.

    On a related note: I generally prefer frankincense as my go-to essential oil for most all things sinus/respiratory. =)

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